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The Fall “Life Just Bounces” 1995

The Fall “Open the Boxoctosis” 2003

A “bleg” or whatever: now that the Iraq war is ending and we have the decidedly unambiguous left-wing Occupy X— protests, what is the sense of today’s society people have? Is it still a network society a la Castells? Does Luhmann provide the necessary cues for studying global society? Or is the strangely personal character of the “global village” handled best by Hardt and Negri? My observation is that there is something of a “new anthropology” when people try to understand the situation of a place like Greece – there is less “we all put our pants on one leg at a time” rigmarole than in the post-communist era; we want to establish national epistemes that enable us to forego ‘sympathetic but concerned’ judgment of the kind the demands of the enrages compel, even from a left-wing standpoint.

Comments strongly desired – I’d like to get clearer about this sort of thing.

So, Moammar Quaddafi is dead. If there is a positive side to Quaddafi’s legacy, it is as a reminder to political fundamentalists of various kinds that political science is necessary. Quaddafi’s own tomes on his neither-Washington-nor-Moscow “Green Revolution”, accompanied by bizarre Islamic-socialist slogans distributed throughout his regime, remind us negatively that a positive alternative is possible, that political science includes an “Axiom of Choice”; the thought associated with changes coming to the Arab world hardly could end with the views of the “Project for a New American Century”. Let’s hope for some real freedom and progress for these countries, and a novel new look at the world.

Before Woodstock, there was Monterey:

Jimi Hendrix “Wild Thing” 1967