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Philosophical Researches: New Times Roman [Norman Kemp Smith]

An Ovoid Esssence
[Not Exactly Something To Be]


Mr Norman Kemp Smith’s translation of Kant’s First Critique — *The
Critique of Pure Reason* — remains to this day the absolutely
trans-lation of Kant for the Anglosphere: Cambridge
changes just a little and Penguine latterly provided a Kant entire for
serious freaks of Imperial German *in nuce* but: dig this. Over a
period of roughly some decades — Mr Smith of Edinburgh and Mr
Wilson of Princeton University arrang-ed for this fine ‘Britishing’
of the futurist Kant to become available in a less ‘sleazy’ format than
had previously been provided by the capable hands of Müller and
Co. as an *entree* to serious labor on *Physik* social and other: said
simply — this is a *very fine* variant’e on a trad. “gold standard” of
rationality, Kant’s “idealism of material reality” (what you think,
and where it tends) which continues to be in print and is presumed
“ubiquitous” for the duration of people learning “old ways to be
young”. Perhaps they have improved its countenance some. I miss that
cosmic egg. Meanwhile, crackheads is talking. How Could That Be.


A Nixonism correct:

30 [1]

Möge Europa bald einen großen Staatsmann hervorbringen, und der, welcher jetzt, in dem kleinlichen Zeitalter plebejischer Kurzsichtigkeit, als “der große Realist” gefeiert wird, klein dastehen.

If “Eu-ropa” were allowed for a damn secondreal soon now — to bring forth a “great statesman” (as modern artists bring forth great artworks) — and then — wait for this: a leetle “aeon of existence” of dee-fensible “I don’t know what-who-what” — would be goin’ down as per “a *great* realiste” — writ small on the page, and in yo’ hearts.

Nietzsche, Nachlaß 1885 ff.

Y a-y-til: That’s-what’s-up. When a “fairly honest” Politologe and too-true Literat is done doing his thing [vary to taste, o’course] theythey — otta “sit down” very completely. Like a “punk trick”; to wit, someone that more-or-less merely had something to say and qua their new role as “infra-man”, much like a Japanimation character — really needs to ‘take a chill’ as regards the citizen sovereignty of others and “let life course” as per seriously economistic Marxists with more to prove. Take Vladimir Putin, sweetheart of the Soviet Physics Review, as a model: he’s the ‘old generation’, quite completely, and he’s got nothing to say: but if you were expecting the “hand” of human history to not be physically incarnate, you’ve got some problems. “And like that”: let go of your anger at oscillating between “There ought to be a law” and “I got a right”, for whatever ‘cooked-up’ reason — if you were the person where “I” should be.

Further along: The “man without a country” has no purchase on a “discursive republic”, as a *wahre Hegelische* is generally reckoned to, and should ‘mind the proprieties’ of perfectly defensible shaking going on: but “time between” has left only his imprint in a period of that nation’s letters and those who cogitate upon “what’s up” will gradually discover the secrets of abductive, inductive, and theoretical logic. Or something like tha-a-a-a-at.

Nietzsche’s (sans titulo) model for this: Lincoln.