Now, for a very serious “confession of faith”. Circumstances in the United States of America compelled me — and whoever else — to employ genuine Leninist communist methods in the years 2003, to avoid a spurious “revolt” by those in power, and 2008, to let the genuinely popular Presidential candidate win the legitimate election. The “tail-ending” of these efforts, which were conducted using those Communist methods which allow genuine and unforced consensus-formation by the people, resulted in the radically altered character of the George W. Bush administration during the second term and the radical transformation of the American polity following Obama’s inauguration. The truth of the matter is that these efforts have revealed that we, the people of the United States of America, were lied to about the character of Communist politics: really, it is a totally modern and democratic procedure for allowing the genuine rule of law and personal freedom, steeped in the best thoughts of the bourgeois era. However, “enough is enough” is a truth of all time.

Although I have been a Marxist socialist, and an activist, since early adolescence and have a great respect for the scientific contributions of communist intellectuals like Gramsci, Lukacs, and Adorno and the precipitated tragedies of countries with effective Communist parties I never believed in Communist methods before they became absolutely necessary and I don’t believe in them now. I don’t believe in an unstructured “libertarian communism” that allows useless idiots like Michael Hardt to opine about the revolutionary character of your job at Whole Foods, but more seriously — and exploitative shitheads like the corpo-commie Hardt and his oppressed friend Antonio Negri pressing dangerous and unrealizable ideals on vulnerable members of the working class is pretty serious — once a genuine republic, the secret core of the communist demand, has been achieved the continued improvement of every aspect of life using genuine science can only lead to a monstrous disaster: the fabrication of “a bridge too far”, complete perfection within and without the bureaucracy, to suit the sybarites of humanity. Any life is flawed; all life is flawed; what is not flawed is not life. Too much of a bad thing is rough, but it’s not too bad; when it’s much too much you know it’s time to do it to you-know-who again; right now, it’s all right and anyone who doesn’t think so has a problem.