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My Internet is back, and better than it’s been since I had Ethernet in the dorms ten years ago (at the end of what I irono-nostalgically remembered as the “G-Funk Era” during the unpleasantness of the early 2000s). My first project: listening to German news radio, which did a signal service to my language organ, but also provided the cautionary example of USians speaking broken German to a presumably amused audience. My second project: finding out about free — as in “free beer”, but also as in “free of lawsuits” — books and music. Along these lines, I actually expect that Rhapsody’s 25 free tracks a month will be a tolerable substitute for the ever-dwindling stock of cool record stores: and my first steps in this direction agreeably informed me that The Go! Team continue to make music appropriate to the cultural resources now available to the developed world. Case in point: “Flashlight Fight”, where they put Chuck D a little too low in the mix but amazingly employ the pseudo-Worrell keyboards definitive of the aforementioned G-Funk to great effect. That this sort of “post-eclecticism” is not a baseline for contemporary popular music speaks very poorly for the present.