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Well, it’s been almost half a year since the last post. What have I been doing? Learning to write computer programs, mostly; but I’ve also had a chance to revisit some philosophical classics (Tarski and Kripke and Hegel, oh my) and have been thinking hard about their relevance for the present. So it seems like a good idea to start up again — with a few changes. I intend to make this more like an ordinary blog, with more frequent posting and a more personal tone. I’ve realized that when I was younger, something like Pitchfork Media, or Matthew Yglesias’ gig, would have seemed to inhabit “dream-job” territory: so although my musical tastes are mostly stuck in the ’90s (I was cool then! I swear!) and my politics are such that nobody would pay me to espouse them, expect more culture and political analysis. (“The Fortunes of the Dialectic”, as a title, certainly contains a promise of reflection upon the Marxist legacy that the heavily mannered items that have appeared so far have mostly failed to live up to.)

Since I am hoping to do programming until retirement, and also have a past history of “technological criticism”, I’ll probably also throw in some of the more interesting CS items I come across: the discipline as a whole certainly exemplifies Vico’s dictum verum et factum convertuntur — with consequences for the wider application of such sentiments — so perhaps that won’t be as boring as it might sound to the uninitiated (and did previously sound to me). Finally, the philosophy will continue, with appropriate adjustments for the levels of technical maturity and interests evinced in the blogosphere: unlike many bloggers, I find the search engine terms leading to my site useful sources of information rather than lurid amusements, and have continued to read them even while I haven’t been posting (although I’ll never share them: my own searches would put them to shame, or more properly speaking propriety, anyway).

So, I guess what I’m saying is the new incarnation of this blog will be both broader and more targeted. But the proof will obviously be in the posting, so I’ll end the programmatic claims now.